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Frequently Asked Questions

We just received an Autism diagnosis. What now?

Take a moment. We know the diagnosis may be difficult for some. See what resources are available in your area. Do your research and explore your options. Know that ABA therapy is not necessary for every child with Autism. Make the best decision for your family.

What is ABA therapy?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is an evidence-based practiced that focuses on human behavior.  ABA therapy has proven to help the quality of life of those with Autism by increasing life skills and decreasing challenging behavior.

How can ABA therapy help my child?

Each child's needs are different. We keep that in mind when developing each treatment plan. Needs will be determined with an initial assessment. From there, a plan can be developed to focus on skills such as communication, following directions, toileting, functional play, behavior reduction, etc.

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Child Playing

How long is the intake process?

From the time of the initial assessment to the first day of services typically takes about 30 days.

What age can we start ABA therapy?

The earlier, the better. ABA therapy is an early intervention and has shown to have to most impact when treatment was provided early on. 

Do you provide other therapies?

Intricate Pieces does not provide therapy outside of ABA. We do work with local Speech & Occupational Therapy agencies who can come into our clinic to work with your child.

What age range does Intricate Pieces accept?

We are currently enrolling clients 18 months - 10 years old for ABA services. Our Social Skills groups are for 6-12 years old.

Is your staff certified?

Intricate Pieces clinical staff are credentialed through the BACB.

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